It's About Time...
 To Quilt
Amber Sisson, President

 2014 Newsletters



Round Robin Exchange


     Your center block

   3 Surprise

Four people per group, each starting with a center block.  
The other three people will add to your center block, 
and you will do the same for each other, one border at a time.  
Here are the rules:

February:  Provide a Center block, 12" to 16", finished size

March:  First Border:  Anything pieced, up to 3-1/4" border

April/May:  Second Border:  Applique', up to 4" border

June:  Third Border:  Squares and Rectangles, up to 5" border

You may add a small stop border for design or math purposes.  
You may turn the center square on point, if it is required.  
Only one "on-point" change per quilt.  
We will have a Round Robin Quilt Show in June.  
It's About Time for Creativity!!

Around the Block
DESIGN by Amber Sisson





8" finished
cut 32  1-1/2" squares
each - black-white
or... pick up some 
pre-printed checkerboard
from Seasons of Home
(ask Tamara)

8 x 8 setting

Beehive Block


>> PATTERN <<