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2017 Programs & Activities



Quilt Fabric Study
by Michele Murdock

"Consider the effort, skill and love that will go into your use of the fabric."

Chain Store Fabrics vs 
Quilter's Grade Fabrics
by Keepsake Quilting
Jim Salinas

*greige goods
*thread count

For more info:  From Fiber to Fabric
Book by Harriet Hargrave



Flyer:  Precision Piecing Pointers


Our challenge this year is to make a Christmas-themed quilt with GOLD fabric.
To participate (or if you need a bit more fabric) contact Barb Murdock.

The rules:  1)  Use a recognizable amount of the GOLD fabric on the front of the quilt.
2)  The perimeter of the quilt cannot exceed 110 inches.
3)  Finished quilts are due at guild meeting November 2, 2017
4)  No peeking!  Don't show the quilt beforehand!

Cash prizes were awarded to the winners, sponsored by the Utah Quilt Guild.
Congratulations to all those who participated and finished!  Here are the winners:

Sandy Hindy ~ 2nd Place

Celtic Christmas Tree
Michele Murdock ~ 1st Place

Barb Murdock ~ 3rd Place



Un-Finished Objects, that is!  

Make a list of all the projects you hope to finish this year.
Turn in that list to Catania by March 31st,
PLUS $1 for each project on your list.

Once you finish something from your list,
either bring your finished projects to "Sew & Tell" at guild
OR  post a picture on the guild's private (click here>>) Facebook page,
indicating that it is from your list.

You'll not only receive your $1 back for that project,
your name will be entered into a drawing for the $$ remaining in the pot!

The deadline is guild meeting on December 7th!  Good Luck! 
UPDATE:  Congratulations to Tamara Ellis for winning the remaining $113 in the pot!


Barb's Basic Block

For each block:
Cut 6-1/2" center square
4 @ 2" x 2" corner squares
4 @ 2" x 6-1/2" sides (background)
(makes a 9-inch finished size block)
Make 25 blocks

Lay out blocks "en pointe"
Cut 2" x 9-1/2" sashing strips
Cut 2" x 2" corner squares (background)
Cut 3@ 18-1/2" squares background
 cut diagonally twice (X)
for side setting triangles.
Cut 2 @ 9-1/2" squares background
cut diagonally once (/)
for corner setting triangles.

Add a mini border
Cut 7 @ 3/4" strips
(see Carol's instructions-
February 2017 newsletter review)
Add a 5-inch outer border,
Quilt and Bind as desired.

Fabric Requirements for Quilt:
2-3/4 yards print(s)
3-1/4 yards background
5/8 yard binding
Quilt size:  approx. 70" x 70"

               Barb's Basic Block


President ~ Barb Murdock
VP / President Elect ~ Catania Larson
Treasurer ~ Carol Hunt
Newsletter ~ Amy Ellis
Refreshments ~ Robin Hughes
Guild Retreat ~ Tamara Ellis
Quilt Show at the Library ~ Rachel Harvey
Christmas Party ~ Shirley Zane
Webmistress/Historian ~ Deonn Stott

Utah State Guild Representative ~ Barb Murdock



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