2018 Calendar

January 4th ~  Kickoff 2018: Extraordinary Quilting!
New or Unusual Techniques (Everything old is new again!)
Out of the Ordinary Fibers & Fabrics
"Try It, You'll Like It!"

Photo:  Andrea Hatchell
February 1st ~ English Paper-Piecing
Andrea Hatchell:  La Passacaglia Medallions

March 1st ~ Graffiti Quilting!!
Karlee Porter, Guest Presenter

Photo:  International Quilt Study Archives
March 9-10th ~ HVQ RETREAT!  Midway Community Center
Michele Murdock, Chair
Sharon Johnson, Shirley Zane, Assistants

Photo:  christinedoyle.wordpress.com
April 12th (2nd Thurs) ~ String Quilts Unlimited
Debbie Proctor

May 3rd ~ Sewing with Cork!
Tamara Ellis

Fun Technique!
June 7th ~ Quick Stained Glass Applique'
Robin Hughes

June 23rd ~ "SOUPer" Sew Day!!
Kami Williams, Mini Class:  Rope Sewing Reinvented

Photo: A quilting bee in Central Park, NY, photographed by Suzanne Szasz, circa 1970's.
July 14th ~ Big Stitch Quilting
Charity Quilt Luncheon at Eagle Park

Photo: Ellen Wright
August 2nd ~ Bargello Quilts, Movement & Dimension
Rachel Harvey

Photo: www.settingforfour.com
September 6th ~ Punch Needle Embroidery
Teresa @ MGQS

September 15th (Saturday) ~ "SOUPer" Sew Day
Deonn Stott, Mini Class:  16 Ways to a Drunkard's Path

Photo:  lauramurraydesigns.com
October 4th ~ Paintstik Quilt Blocks
Kandy Adams

November 1st ~ Fidget Quilts

Moon Garden  Judy Coates Perez
December 6th ~ Christmas Party!