Guild Bylaws

 Mission Statement
To provide a forum for local quilters of every interest level
to meet together on a monthly basis to promote the art of quiltmaking, and:
* Learn new quilting techniques.
* Teach quilting and related skills to one another.
* Show and Tell current projects and ideas; 
also provide encouragement and support for each other.
* Provide opportunities for charity service to our community.



  Meetings / Membership / Dues

MEETINGS: Regular guild meetings will be held on the first Thursday of each month from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., unless otherwise designated for specific occasions such as Retreats, Holidays, and so forth.  

MEMBERSHIP / DUES: Membership in the Heber Valley Quilters Guild renews annually, beginning in January of each year.  Funds received for dues will be collected by the Treasurer, and held in the guild banking account.

Members of Heber Valley Quilters ~ $25 annual dues ~ entitles member to receive monthly newsletter, attend meetings and workshops.  Additional fees may be assessed for special events to cover costs of instructor or function.  Dues will be prorated for new members joining any time during the year.

UTAH QUILT GUILD MEMBERSHIP: Heber Valley Quilters (HVQ) is a charter chapter of the Utah Quilt Guild.  At least three members of HVQ, one of which must be the president, must maintain membership in the Utah Quilt Guild to keep charter active. 


Board Members

Executive Board Members include the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Historian and other board members as deemed necessary for the year.

Nominations for new board members will be held annually in September.  Terms are for one year, beginning in January.  A person may combine duties, and may hold the same position for as long as desired.  Responsibilities are listed as follows:

~ Outline and arrange guild activities for the year.  Conduct meetings.  Plan and coordinate meetings for board members and committees.  Prepare annual budget.  One of two signers on guild checking account.  Annual Utah Quilt Guild and Heber Valley Quilt Guild membership dues paid by HVQ.

Vice President / President Elect ~ Support President; serve as President the following term.  Conduct meetings in absence of President.  Coordinate various guild activities such as, but not limited to: Tip of the Month, Door Prizes, and an annual HVQ Quilt Show.

Secretary / Treasurer ~ SECRETARY: Keep record of all past and present membership.  Keep a record of minutes/outline of guild meetings for guild history.  TREASURER: One of two signers on guild checking account.  Collect annual dues from members.  Maintain a record of funds received and distributed (balance checking account), report annually.

Newsletter Editor ~ Compile monthly newsletter of guild announcements and activities.  Send emails to members regarding guild meeting reminders and relevant information. 

Historian / Webmistress ~ Maintain ongoing history/file of all guild newsletters, photos, and articles.  Annual membership dues paid by HVQ.

Social Media  ~ Maintain and update social media page (ex:  Facebook, Instagram).  Take pictures of guild activities.  Work with Historian to archive guild photos for history.  

Refreshment Coordinator ~ Provide sign-up lists, contact members regarding refreshments at each guild meeting.

Retreat Coordinator ~ Form a committee to plan the annual guild retreat:  Classes, activities, food assignments.  

Additional Board Members and Committees ~ As needed for particular guild activities.